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We offer both sport fishing and bottom fishing. Our Captains and crew members are all raised on Maui and know just how to get you on your fish!

About Our Private Fishing Charters

Our 6-passenger, private fishing charter is the ultimate way to experience Maui’s south waters. Your dedicated Captain and crew member will be there to guide you throughout your whole trip. Whether you are an experienced angler or have never touched a fishing pole before, they will be there to support you.Our fishing charters depart at 7:30 AM from the Kihei Boat Landing (7:15 AM check in). We are just a few minutes down the road from all major Wailea and Kihei resorts! For our longer 6 hour charters, we depart at 6:30 AM to maximize our time on the water. Please contact us directly should you wish to adjust your departure time.

Our 26-foot power catamaran, She Go, is yours for the time you book. Do not worry about being subject to what a large groups’ needs are. Your Captain is there to help you get the experience you are most excited about! If any members of your group are not into fishing, they are welcome to come out and enjoy the water. We also offer combination fishing/snorkel trips! 

Trips between December 15 and April 15 have a high chance of spotting humpback whales!

Our vessel and trip styles are not suitable for any children under the age of 3. This is so all passengers on board can keep their hands free for safety purposes. If any passengers have any physical or medical conditions that that limit their ability to be safe on board, please ensure we are aware ahead of your trip to ensure we have time to prepare any available accommodations.

Check out our FAQs for what to bring, or give us a call if you have any questions about our private, 6-passenger fishing charters.

What's Included:

*A customary gratuity of 18% to 22% is not included in the final price of your private charter. Your captain and crew work hard to ensure you have the best time possible. Just like a restaurant, it is common to provide service industry folks with extra gratitude. When it comes to fishing, the amount of fish caught should not determine gratuity as every day is unpredictable in Mother Nature. 


Fishing on Maui

We offer two types of fishing: bottom and sport fishing. Each is a distinct method with different target species. That being said, it is helpful to differentiate so that you can choose which activity (or combination of the two) appeals most to you and your group.  Our team will help you decide what will suite your interests, but wind and water conditions are always a factor in which activity we recommend.

Trolling / Sport Fishing

This style of fishing is performed by dragging surface active lures behind the moving vessel with our state of the art big game reels, rods, and fishing tackle. On She Go, we run a five line trolling pattern. The work (and adrenaline rush!) really begins when one (or more) of the reels starts screaming indicating a fish on the line! Our captain and crew will coach you through the process reeling that fish in every step of the way. And if it is a keeper, our deckhand will safely hand-line and gaff your catch, securing that fish onto the boat. 

Target trolling/sport fishing species:

  • Ono (wahoo)
  • Mahi mahi (dorado)
  • Ahi (yellowfin tuna)
  • Aku (skipjack tuna)
  • Kawakawa (wavy back tuna)
  • Occasionally a’u (marlin)
Bottom Fishing

This style of fishing is performed by dropping lines with bait all the way to the sea floor with our light tackle spinner reels and rods. Depending on the location, we will fish at depths anywhere between 50 and 400 feet! Everyone that wants to gets a hands on experience  with their own setup. Our deckhand will thoroughly explain and familiarize everyone with the tackle. The Captain will be combing the reef  at our most productive fishing spots to pinpoint schools of fish with our high power transducer and depth recorder.  Once over the fish and at a complete stop, we will be doing a series of drifts in that area while we drop baited hooks down into the school in hopes of a bite! If you are looking for a hands-on activity day, this is for you! You and anyone else fishing (the “anglers”) will be dropping lines and reeling up multiple times during each drift over our marked spots. The productivity can vary hour by hour so we try our luck at each spot just long enough to determine if we are getting the results the anglers are looking for. If not, we simply move on. 

There are over 120 species that we can catch bottom fishing! Yes, you read that right! All of them are a fun fight and great for a photo, but only about 20 species are targeted for eating. Our crew will be right there to help with the angling, and identify the species as they come up! And to get your photo evidence of your catch!

Target bottom fishing species:

  • Multiple types of Snapper
  • Multiple types of Jack
  • Multiple types of  Goatfish

We are always thrilled to share our passion for fishing with our guests! All of our captains and crew grew up fishing right here in Maui waters. Our locally grown team is excited to give you the best fishing experience possible.

Here in Hawai’i we greatly respect the ocean and its resources, taking pride in doing our part to preserve and sustain its abundance. Our goal is to teach productive fishing skills in a way that focuses on embodying this. If you and your group would like your fish to eat we are more than happy to fillet and prepare your catch for the kitchen or bbq. 

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